EnablePro redefines CRM. EnablePro is a configurable sales enablement platform that supports easy to use, visual “playbooks” that provide real-time methodology guidance and embedded learning for sales professionals.

This isn't a typical "data-in and spreadsheet-out" platform. The EnablePro platform is designed to transform how your sales team sells. It is built on the principal that "one-size fits one" : Every sales organization has a unique approach to process, many have multiple processes, and many more know that process must be flexible in today's accelerated market. EnablePro allows you to configure the platform around your requirements, and is easily reconfigured and adaptable to enable agile approaches to selling in changing world.

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It's a world of hyper-change. Sales needs to be agile.

The role of the sales professional has never been more demanding. Today’s buyers are empowered to conduct their own research and investigate possible solutions to address their requirements. The ability to position and sell value effectively – with agility – is more critical now than ever. These factors create new demands for CRM as an enablement platform.

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“EnablePro is a foundational part of our integrated Sales Performance Optimization platform. We’re delighted to offer a complete, closed loop approach for sales effectiveness that aligns talent analytics, comprehensive learning, and sales enablement technology. For the first time, sales organizations can transform selling practices in meaningful time frames – and set priorities based on data-driven decisions.”

- Robert Kear, Chief Marketing Officer, SPI

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